The Campaign for Youth is actively pursuing opportunities to increase federal investments at the scale needed to eliminate education and labor market disparities for poor and minority youth. It is about more than just funding. We must rethink our systems, policies, relationships, and take collective responsibility.  We need a national vision for youth anchored in the belief that all young people should have equitable access to the promise and prosperity of America. This belief should guide our priorities, our policies, and our actions as individuals in a caring community and as a nation. There is power in numbers. We need to show that there is broad based support for such policies and time is of the essence. Our youth hold the future of America in their hands and it is our collective duty to ensure that those hands are ready for the challenge. We ask that you lend your support to the movement calling for increased federal investment.

We must make Critical Investments for Critical Times

Read our National Youth Investment Strategy: Our Youth, Our Economy, Our Future

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