What We Do

MOVING THE AGENDA: Building a constituency for ACTION---It is an unacceptable fact that 30 percent of our young people - 50% of our minority youth- do not graduate from high school. The economic prospects for these youth are bleak and there are very few pathways back once they have disconnected.  The Nation's economic competitiveness and the quality of community life are inextricably tied to the investments we make to ensure that this generation is equipped to succeed and lead in the future.  We cannot afford to ignore the millions of youth who have fallen to the wayside.

To MOVE THIS ISSUE and ELEVATE A NATIONAL AGENDA for YOUTH the Campaign participates in a variety of approaches to keep our national leaders educated on the dimensions of the dropout and employment crisis, the urgent need for federal attention and intervention, and the set of solutions which, if taken to scale, can create new options for these young people.