National Investment Strategy

Make reconnecting our youth a national priority: reconnect them to education, employment, service, and citizenship

We need leadership within the White House to coordinate all federal efforts for youth. Current efforts to reach
young people are insufficient and fragmented into narrow silos—no one is in charge; no one is accountable.
Policy solutions:

  • Create a White House Office of Youth Policy to coordinate federal efforts on behalf of our nation's youth
  • Designate a White House Director of Youth Policy to lead and coordinate the efforts of all federal agencies to make this a priority
  • Activate the Federal Youth Development Council (FYDC) and have it report to the White House Director of Youth Policy. Charge the council, in concert with the director, with supporting and advancing federal strategies for solving the problems that disconnected youth face in the context of our global economy.
  • Support FYDC through "on‐the‐ground" grants. Provide grants to state and local youth development councils and community institutions that mirror the work of the FYDC, supporting them in implementing comprehensive and coordinated on‐the‐ground solutions.