National Investment Strategy

Create “on ramps” and pipelines connecting youth to high-skill, high-wage career opportunities

Too many of our young people take wrong turns and end up in dead‐end jobs or worse. Work skills and work ethic are not just learned in classrooms; they are acquired through hands‐on experience. Business and industry must become active partners in creating the opportunities to provide young people with the hands‐on experience that will prepare them for adulthood. Policy solutions:

  • Create flexible community‐ and work‐based learning environments that incorporate hands‐on learning, employ innovative instructional techniques, and lead to postsecondary skills and credentials
  • Engage and incentivize business and industry to create employment and learning opportunities in emerging areas of the economy. Issue a "call to action" to the nation's business community by hosting a national CEO summit calling upon our nation's businesses to ramp up their efforts to help young people.
  • Scale up successful work‐based programs, including paid work experience, internships, apprenticeships, community service, and on‐the‐job training