Who We Are

The Campaign for Youth is an alliance of organizations who are concerned about the persistence, yet seeming invisibility, of the challenges confronting more than 5 million young people in this nation who are disconnected from education, employment and opportunity.

We are united in our belief that youth should have the opportunity for a safe and healthy passage to adulthood, equipped with the skills they need to work, raise a family and participate as a responsible member of their community.

We are committed to elevating awareness of the challenges facing young people; advancing policy and program solutions that work to reconnect and expand opportunities for them, and creating a constituency for making solutions happen.

Our immediate goals are to have impact in the following areas:

1.  Creating a Common Message that transcends and unites organizations and serves as a "call to action" for a broad constituency on behalf of vulnerable youth.

2.  Identifying the Legislative, Policy, and System Barriers that hamper access to or delivery of comprehensive transition support for youth in challenging situations and working with federal and state agencies to address them.  Alerting the Constituency Network when action is needed.

3.  Advocating for the Expansion of Work Experience, Career Exposure, and Community Service Opportunities for youth in communities with high level of economic distress.

4.  Elevating the Role of Youth in Policy Making and Governance.

5.  Impacting the Education Reform Agenda to inspire and retain high school youth through graduation.

6.  Advocating for an Investment Strategy that greatly expands the system of innovative pathways to education and labor market success for out-of-school and vulnerable youth

Finally, the Campaign believes that the creation of a fair and effective opportunity system for low-income youth requires creative, united, determined effort by a broad alliance of youth, college students, youth workers, advocates, religious groups, state and local leaders, business leaders, labor leaders, and community groups.  The Campaign for Youth seeks to forge that alliance.